Access on tap.
The simple way
to experience life.


Convenience delivered

Tap a button and your items are on the way. Use what you want, where you want, for as long as you want. When you’re done, Parachut it back for someone else to access.

Smart living

Buying, using once and then storing is a thing of the past. That item you used, can now be used by so many others. That’s responsible consuming.

World changing

Access leads to a cleaner more efficient world. Cleaner consuming. Less storage. Less pollution. Less waste. It just makes sense.

Parachut it™

What you want. When you want. As long as you want.



Signing up to Access is easy! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what items you want.

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an invite to access the Parachut dashboard and choose the membership level that works for your lifestyle.



Browse the Parachut On-Demand Marketplace™, select the items and build your ‘Chut Drop with the Parachut Points that come with your selected membership. Confirm and voila! Your ‘Chut is on the way.

Need more access? No problem. Upgrade or edit your membership anytime.



Use any item for as long as you’d like. For real!

When you’re ready to swap for something else, simply make the swap request and print your pre-paid shipping label.

Total convenience at the touch of a button.

Sign Up To Access

Finally, no time limits! Experience life on your terms.

What kind of camera or creative gear are you looking for?

What else do you want to access in the Parachut On-Demand Marketplace™?


Who can join Parachut?

Signing up to Access is easy! Although the process is quite simple, we honor the thousands of other responsible members by protecting and ensuring that the club is pure with forward-thinking, responsible individuals and businesses. We do everything on our end to review and protect the club. The future of on-demand access and sharing actual physical goods is here. So congratulations! You are the future, a huge part in simplifying, elevating and changing the world.


No. Subscription plans are month-to-month and you’re free to upgrade, pause or cancel at anytime.


You can join the waiting list for free. Once you’re accepted into the club, you have various membership level access options starting at $99 a month.

Who in the world can join?

If you’re a responsible, forward thinking world changer, then welcome to the club! We’re currently servicing the United States. We anticipate expanding our service into other markets in the future.

What’s a ‘Chut?

“Chut Drop” is pronounced “Shoot Drop”. Your ‘Chut Drop is what we have named the packages or shipments that carry your items. “’Chut Drop” is much more fun to say than “package” or “box of goods” don’t you think? ;)

How do swaps work?

You are welcome to exchange or swap one or all of your items at any time. And shipping is always free. When you’re ready to swap for something else, the point value of your returned item is restored to your membership and ready to be redeemed for something else. Make the swap request and print your pre-paid shipping label from your dashboard to safely return your selected items. Whether your next ‘Chut is delivered to your home, to your vacation hotel or you’d rather pick it up at one of our retail pick up locations, the freedom is yours. Total convenience at the touch of a buttom.

Where’s the gear coming from?

Powered by individuals, brands and manufacturers, these groups of world changers are the ones providing you with the items you want and love. They understand the future, the role they play in it and the need to become a more responsible steward over the earth’s resources. And by becoming a member and accessing their items through Parachut, together, we will lead the world into a sustainable thriving future.

Is the item insured?

Each membership comes with basic coverage that includes normal wear and tear of the gear. Parachut does offer a protection plan add-on that covers accidents and such. You’ll be able to choose that option in your dashboard.

How long can I hold onto the items?

Part of the cool perks of Parachut is being able to keep the item you checked out as long as you want. As long as you pay your monthly subscription, you get to keep the gear as long as you’d like.

What if the gear gets damaged or stolen?

Contact your Parachut Pro right away. We’ll walk you through a process to help alleviate any issues. If someone has stolen the gear, contact the police to get a report and alert your Parachut Pro right away. We’ll work with you to sort through all of the details to find the best course of action. To protect yourself in this scenario, we highly recommend the protection plan add-on that can be found here.

How is my gear received?

Our warehouses are fully secured, temperature controlled and state of the art. When you send in your items, our Parachut Pros take it through our custom 36 Point Parachut It Inspection™ process. We document and itemize each piece and attach it to your Parachut account. That way when your gear gets scanned and sent out the door, your dashboard will update you in real time.