+ I’ve submitted to join the waiting list. What’s next?

The waiting list is quick and easy. Go ahead and build your first 'Chut Drop and tell us what you'd like to recieve first. You can come back and edit this anytime. We are currently servicing Founding Members. You'll be notified once we've launched for general public.

+ Who can join Parachut?

The U.S is our first market. We anticipate expanding our service into other markets in the future.

+ Is there a long term commitment?

No. Subscription is month-to-month and members are free to cancel anytime.

+ What is required for my membership to be approved?

Parachut Members play an essential role in enabling the Club to provide such great variety and value. Members on the waiting list are evaluated based upon your likelihood to treat the gear with the care they require and to positively contribute to the community. To this end, before receiving your first ‘Chut Drop, all new Members are asked to verify their identity.

+ What is a "'Chut Drop"?

"'Chut Drop"is pronounced "Shoot Drop". Your 'Chut Drop is what we have named the packages or shipments that carry your creative gear. "'Chut Drop" is much more fun to say than "package" or "box of goods" don't you think? ;)

+ Who can join to Parachut?

Right now, we provide service to residents living in the U.S. We have big plans of expanding in the very near future.

+ What is the price to join Parachut?

You can join the waiting list for free. Once you're accepted into the club, you have various membership level access options starting at $99 a month.

+ Can I add any item from the warehouse in my ‘Chut Drop?

Parachut is committed to providing you with the ability to create when and how you want. You get to choose which membership access level fits your budget. For example, if you need $3500 worth of gear in every 'Chut Drop, you would choose the Adventure level. That would mean you could choose as many items as you'd like that fits within your $3500 'Chut Drop budget.

+ What if I want to exchange or swap only one item from my 'Chut Drop?

Awesome. We respect that :) You are welcome to exchange or swap one or all of your items, so long as you don't exceed your membership access retail value.

+ Is the gear insured?

Each membership comes with basic coverage that includes normal wear and tear of the gear. Parachut does offer a protection plan add-on that covers almost anything for only $49/month. Click here to check it out.

+ Where are you getting all of your equipment from?

We have multiple sources from which our equipment will be pulled. When gear is sent back, our experts clean, inspect, test and review the gear before it is sent back out to each member.

+ What can I expect in my 'Chut Drop?

Aw, great question. This is one of the greatest parts about Parachut. Once you're accepted into the club, you'll be invited to create a login to your Dashboard. This means you can build your 'Chut Drop with the help of a Parachut Pro.

+ What if I need help deciding what gear I want?

You'll have a dedicated Parachut Pro that you can text anytime during business hours that will help you build your 'Chut Drop and answer any questions.

+ What if I'm a beginner and I don't know what I want?

You've come to the right place. If you simply need help choosing what gear is best for you, Simply let your Parachut Pro know what your preferences are and we can help curate your 'Chut Drop based on your interests and budget.

+ What if I go over my monthly ‘Chut Drop value?

We understand how exciting it can be when your warehouse is stocked with so many options. And because you are more than welcome to select any item to include in your ‘Chut Drop, there may be times where you just “have” to go over your monthly ‘Chut Drop value. In the event you do, there’s a 20% overage fee for every dollar beyond your monthly ‘Chut Drop value.

For example: if you go over budget by $1.00, you’ll be charged an additional $0.20 per billing cycle for as long as you are over budget.

+ In what condition is the gear? How are they maintained?

With our warehouse growing so quickly, Members will often receive items that have never been used before. Additionally, every piece of gear is inspected, serviced (as necessary), and cleaned before being sent to the next member so the gear should look and function the way it is intended.

+ Do I choose the gear I will receive for each ‘Chut Drop? Will I know ahead of time what I'm getting?

Yes and yes. Beginning with your Membership Access Level Application, you will build your unique profile and ‘Chut Drop based upon your level of membership. Your profile will also include your general preferences, gear you may own in your personal collection and a Parachut gear wishlist. When you're ready to swap your gear, you can either text your Parachut Pro or request your next 'Chut Drop through your dashboard. Gear is only sent once you and your Parachut Pro have confirmed that it’s the gear you want to receive.

+ How do I receive and return each ‘Chut Drop?

The majority of the time, ‘Chut Drops are shipped and returned via complimentary, standard ground shipping. We make it as easy as possible by providing you with all of the shipping materials.

+ Can I return a ‘Chut Drop or individual items within the same month?

Of course! First, every membership comes with (1) free swap per billing cycle. However, if your membership comes with the Endless Swaps Add-on, you’re free to swap at any time at no additional charge. If you have not upgraded your membership to include this feature, you may still swap at any time, but will be charged a one-time $19.99 swap fee per swap if swapping before the (1) free included swap that happens at the beginning of each new billing cycle.

+ What if I don't like the ‘Chut Drop or individual items once I receive it?

We want you to really enjoy every one of your ‘Chut Drops. It’s uncommon, but if you don’t like what you’ve selected for your ‘Chut Drop, we want to know about it ASAP. We’ll help you to immediately return the ‘Chut Drop or individual item that you are dissatisfied with and we will work with you to provide a desired alternative ASAP.

+ Can I buy gear from Parachut? What is a purchasing process like?

Absolutely! Whether you want to purchase an item from our warehouse or you need help identifying and sourcing an item we do not carry, our team is excited to work with you to secure what you want. To begin the process, simply contact your Parachut Pro and advise what you’re looking for.

+ What if I want to cancel or pause my membership?

No prob! You can initiate that through your dashboard or with your Parachut Pro.

+ How long can I keep my gear?

Part of the cool perks of Parachut is being able to keep the gear as long as you want. As long as you pay your monthly subscription, you get to keep the gear as long as you'd like.

+ Is Parachut available outside of the U.S.?

At this time, Members can join Parachut from anywhere in the Continental United States. We are continually exploring international expansion opportunities based upon demand. If you would like to see Parachut expand to your market, please be sure to provide us with your information and we will update you as soon as we’re headed your way.

+ What if the gear in my 'Chut Drop gets damaged?

Contact your Parachut Pro right away. We'll walk you through a process to help alleviate any issues.

+ What if the gear gets stolen?

Hey, we know this can happen sometimes. If someone has stolen the gear, contact the police to get a report and alert your Parachut Pro right away. We'll work with you to sort through all of the details to find the best coursee of action. To protect yourself in this scenario, we highly recommend the protection plan add-on that can be found here.

+ Are you guys hiring?

You betcha. We need like minded people that want to take Parachut to the next level. We need adventure lovers, technical experts, dreamers, camera geeks, designers and people who take life by the horns and want to create their own destiny with a career that fulfills their passion. Creativity. Inquire here.