Our story

We know how important it is for creatives and small businesses to set themselves apart. That’s why we wanted to provide more options. That’s why we created Parachut.
— Founders, Philip and Melissa Niu

We Are Relationship Driven. 

Our culture is driven by these three words: Relationships, Trust and Creativity. 

Whether you are a member, a partner or an employee, you are so important to us. Our culture is based on trust. Each person that comes into the Parachut culture should thrive on trusting our brand, trusting our Parachut Pros, thrive on feeling valued and in turn be completely fulfilled and creative. 

We Want Change. 

We wanted change and couldn't find it.  So we created it.

Few of us have thousands of dollars to constantly drop on new gear. So we created a way to offer creatives and small business owners unlimited access to an awesome warehouse full of gear with a revolutionary distribution model. One monthly payment, unlimited possibilities to create. 

We Seek Those Who Do Good

Photographers and videographers are storytellers, and we've got a growing team of incredible experts. Incredible, meaning, gosh darn good people.  We are currently creating partnerships with other gosh darn good people and charities changing the world. Our company events are centered around telling the stories of the impact these organizations are making. So not only do we seek to do good, we seek to surround ourselves with creatives, employees and individuals aiming to make a difference.   

And we want YOU to join us.