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What is Parachut?

Time for more options


Parachut is a new and lofty distribution model allowing photographers to experience access to an unlimited amount of gear on rotation for a monthly subscription.

 Parachut is currently servicing founding members. Join the waiting list now to be a part of the world's first club with access to an unlimited warehouse of gear on rotation for a monthly subscription at parachut.co.

 “We are not a rental company. We are a ‘creative’s portal to adventure through gear exploration’ company.” – Philip Niu, Co-Founder & CEO

 Based in the greater Salt Lake City area, you can join the first ever club for endless gear swaps by filling out a photography profile and completing your gear wish list. Our team of experts then curate and send relevant camera bodies, lenses, drones, accessories or new gadgets that fit your preferences in what we call a ‘Chut Drop.  Once you receive it, you’ll also receive educational resources on how to use the gear. 

 Send your ‘Chut Drop back with a pre-paid shipping label when you’re ready to try something new. If you fall in love with the gear? Members receive great discounts on great gear.  Cancel anytime. Free Shipping. For real.

 “Not every creative knows exactly what tool they want when they want. And not every creative can afford thousands of dollars up front on new camera bodies, lenses, tech, etc. That’s the power of Parachut.  Time to put the creative first. Creatives deserve choices. Creatives deserve Parachut.”, Melissa Niu, Co-founder & CMO.

 “It’s shocking how many photo enthusiasts have told us that they’re not sure what tool is right for them and have requested that our experts ‘surprise them’. Members can actually put the gear to the test in the environment that suits their shooting style. No more shooting at walls at camera stores. We want you to try the gear on your terms and we are here to help you learn how to use it.”


What to Expect

We call it the 'Chut Drop


In every ‘Chut Drop, you can expect a full unit to create. Lets say you want to try the new Sony A7rii. We will be sure to send you a great lens that is suitable to your needs and memory card to go with it.  This means that your ‘Chut Drop contains a full package to go and create without you having to purchase something new.  Now this can also mean that in another ‘Chut Drop unit, if you already have a camera body and requested a high-end, premium lenses to your wishlist, we’ll go ahead and send along a premium lens for you to try in your ‘Chut Drop.

Other examples of full package unit ‘Chut Drops:

·       DJI Phantom 4 Drone with memory card

·       Sony a6300 with 35mm Zeiss and memory card

·       Fuji XT-1 with 70-200 lens and memory card

·       Leica M7 with 50mm Summicron lens with various Kodak, Fuji, Lomography film samples

·       Canon 300mm f2.8L (premium lens)

The point; because we know what’s in your bag and what your wish list items are, each ‘Chut Drop is carefully configured to complete the creative experience for each member every time. 

What if you don't like what came in your 'Chut Drop?

Here’s what’s awesome about Parachut. Parachut gives you the ability to test, explore and adventure with gear from all types of brands and manufacturers. We want you to experience the gear on your own terms. Take an adventure. Plan a shoot. Keep it as long as you want.  

Now sometimes, you may come to the conclusion that the particular item from your wish list wasn’t up to snuff. The power of Parachut is that YOU get to experience gear from all different types of brands and tech.  You are in the driver seat. You’re in charge. You’re the reviewer. Don’t like a particular piece of gear? Write a review. Send it back with a pre-paid shipping label and explore something new.


Flying the Plane

A husband and wife founding team


Philip and Melissa Niu saw a problem. They wanted the freedom to try new cameras, new tech, new toys but just didn’t see a way without spending thousands on rentals or purchasing the gear outright. Something had to change. Parachut is more than just gear. It’s more than just tech. It’s the freedom to adventure, explore and share. It’s taking away barriers to help people communicate their life through endless possibilities of mediums. 


Adding Serious Fuel

More than just the money guys


Parachut received its seed funding from an incredible team of entrepreneurs and problem solvers. The GreerCo. has a big belief in people, in entrepreneurs and thrives off of the energy of problem solvers aiming to make a difference.  The founders of Parachut took the idea to Nick Greer and his team at GreerCo. and immediately felt their energy, mentorship and support that was necessary for a solid foundation for future growth.

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